Victorian Military Accoutrement

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Victorian Military Accoutrement
2018 New Zealand Masters Games, Dunedin

All VMA leather Accoutrements are hand crafted and hand stitched to exact original designs and measurements where possible. The patterns are taken from "Soldiers Accoutrements of the British Army 1750-1900" by Pierre Turner, Suppliers to the Confederacy by Barry & Burt, New Zealand Armed Constabulary original items and many other sources. I can offer authentic items from all eras and origins. British Regiments, New Zealand Wars, Crimea, US Civil War, Africa and India. To date I have concentrated on the period 1850 - 1880. British leather rifle slings up to 1945. I have small stocks of most items but usually make to order to incorporate purchasers wishes as to colour, markings and special sizes and am adding to the inventory all the time. If you don't see it here, please inquire. VMA leatherware is of a higher standard of that which is mostly offered elsewhere, precise hand stitching, quality selected New Zealand and imported leathers, stained and hand polished. Where possible authentic quality solid brass hardware and at a reasonable price.

Bromley Armaments

Bromley Armaments, marketed by Victorian Military Accoutrements, make the full range of period Lee Enfield sight adjusting tools. and other hard to find products for your Enfield rifles.

All tools have been reverse engineered from wartime production items either fabricated or milled from solid steel bar to the original specifications. Some originals are extremely scarce.

All come with period markings including broad arrow.

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