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Snider Ammunition, Cal .600 Packet of 10 rounds Rifles & Carbines

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Snider Ammunition, Cal .600 New made ammunition using new MagTech 24ga brass shotgun cases. This ammunition is formed and loaded with .600 soft lead, Solid projectiles using 60gr "Pyrodex™" substitute Black Powder and Large Pistol Primers and lubed with natural lubricants. UN Explosive 1.4s meaning it can be shipped as standard rifle ammunition. Snider .600 ammunition has been made and tested to fit in CARBINES ONLY in Snider rifles, MkII** and MkIII. WARNING This ammunition must only be used in rifles that have been checked as suitable for firing by a competent Gunsmith. Snider & Martini Henry Rifles rifles are over 140 years old. Also sold at selected Gun Shops in Christchurch & Wellington. These Snider rounds have been tested by fitting in the chambers of both my MkII** long Rifle and a MkIII Artillery Carbine. Snider's are known to have large variations of their chambers from year to year, between manufacturers and between models. Because of this, I am unable to guarantee that these rounds will drop into your cambers as they do mine and may need some persuasion.