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.303 Ammunition MkVI, Packet of 10 rounds

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********** NOT YET AVAILABLE ********** Martini Enfield & Lee Enfield, Cal .303 New made ammunition using once fired CAC .303 Milsurp cases (1954-57). This ammunition is full length resized, reprimed using non corrosive Eley™ brand Berdan Primers and loaded with 215gr .311 dia solid round nose projectiles using modern Nitro Cellulose powder. UN Explosive 1.4s meaning it can be shipped as standard rifle ammunition. Martini Enfield MkVI ammunition has been made and tested to fit in both carbines and rifles MkIII. WARNING This ammunition must only be used in rifles that have been checked as suitable for firing by a competent Gunsmith. Enfield Rifles rifles are over 120 years old. ***** PRICE TBA *****