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Snider & Martini Henry Brass Cases, sold as each

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Snider & Martini-Henry Formed Brass made from MagTech™ 24g brass. They have been annealed and and are ready to prime and load. You must state the SNIDER bullet diameter when ordering, .575, .585 or .600. (note: .600 formed cases are only made Carbine length, 1-7/8". .575 & .585 are made in both Rifle, 2" and Carbine, 1-7/8". These case need to be primed with Large Pistol Primers. (I have found CCI™ brand to be the best.) These cases MUST be loaded only with Black Powder or Black Powder substitute. THEY MUST NOT BE LOADED WITH NITRO CELLULOSE POWDERS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.